Applications: quick and easy requests

Does your situation require a permit or exemption? Or is it sufficient to report it? You can submit your request with 'Applications' quickly and easily.

Benefits of logging in

  • Pre-filled forms
  • Access to the status of your applications
  • Work easier
  • Work faster
Ontheffing Amsterdamse haven

Benefits of logging in Applications

To use Applications, first log in to MyPort. You can see that you are logged in by the icon in the top right corner of the blue bar. With Applications your forms are then already filled in with the data we know about your voyage. Think of visit number, ship's name, berth and IMO number. You can also view the status of your requests and reports. This way, you can work easier and faster.

If you need a form only once, you can choose to do so without logging in. However, you will then lose the convenience of the pre-filled fields. These forms can also easily be selected via a decision tree.