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For sailing in the Amsterdam-IJmond Seaport area, a pilotage obligation applies. Is your vessel 75 meters long (length over all) or shorter? And does your seagoing vessel have no dangerous cargo? Then you are exempt from compulsory pilotage. Is your vessel longer than 75 meters? Then compulsory pilotage applies.

You can read more about compulsory pilotage in the 2021 Compulsory Pilotage Decree and the 2021 Compulsory Pilotage Regulations.

When do you qualify for an exemption?

  • The ship with an overall length of up to and including 130 meters makes a movement within a port basin in a seaport area or part thereof, without sailing the main waterway within that seaport area.
  • There is a captain or first mate with a valid pilot exemption certificate (PEC) on board.
  • It concerns a working vessel with a maximum length of 150 m, provided that, in the opinion of the competent authority, a master is sufficiently familiar with local conditions and communication procedures.
  • Of a marine vessel, provided it is not a marine vessel carrying dangerous cargo, making a movement along the same quay or making a similar short movement within a shipping lane.
For more information read the information guide PECs.

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If the height exceeds 18 meters, you must apply for a regular PEC.. 
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