Event permit application based on the BPR (Inland Navigation Police Regulations)

When applying for an event permit, there is a difference based on which legislation it is applied for.

In the APV (General Municipal Bye-Law), an event is:
The set of activities that takes place at an event open to the public on or near the road or public water with a public or private character (as far as relevant).
In this case, you can submit an application to the relevant authority.

In the BPR an event is:
not defined but Article 1.23 first paragraph states" It is prohibited to have a sporting event, a festivity or any other event, involving one or more ships or floating objects, or a launching of a ship or a trial run with a ship or of a floating object or work on a waterway". The third paragraph is about the fact that it can also involve persons who are in the water other than on a ship.

Type of event
Is the event limited to the water?

Please complete the information below. The processing time for this application is 10 weeks.

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