Nuon Power Generation B.V.

This data was last modified in May 2018
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Nieuwe Hemweg 7 - 8
1013 BG Amsterdam

Nuon Power Generation B.V. operates the two power plants Hemweg 8 and Hemweg 9. They are coal-fired and gas-fired, respectively. They have a combined maximum capacity of over 1,000 megawatts of electrical power.

The coal-fired power plant was put into operation in the mid-nineties and is Nuon's only coal-fired power station. 36,000 tons of coal are burned every week. The coals are delivered by sea-going vessel to a nearby transhipment facility. A conveyor belt transports the coals to the Nuon site. The high-efficiency gas-fired plant has been operational since 2012. Due to new techniques the station has a relatively low emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx).