PACT pilot

Port of Amsterdam works together with chain partners in the Amsterdam port region to reduce delays in the port. One of the initiatives is the PACT pilot.

Results PACT pilot

  • Terminals: less phone traffic
  • Agents: less phone traffic
  • Port of Amsterdam: less over-ordering
Arrivals scheepsbewegingen Amsterdam

Cooperation by sharing data

PACT is the abbreviation for Port of Amsterdam Collaboration Tool, the online platform we want to work with. The name PACT also symbolises the way in which we as a port community work together to optimise port calls.

In the PACT pilot project, the aim is to share specific data elements with each other, so that departing tankers can be better predicted and planned. The joint result is less delay in the port. In order to make this pilot as concrete as possible, departing oil tankers have been selected.

Pact pilot scherm overzicht

Procedure of the PACT Pilot

Participants in the pilot project give an update earlier in the ordering process when they have started the last step of their operational process. This is the so-called ETCF90 (Estimated Time Cargo Finished 90%). The agent receives a notification of this and is not allowed to place an order until he receives this notification. By order we mean ordering pilots and tugs and reserving the lock.

The PACT pilot took place in the first six months of 2022.

Beroepen in de Amsterdamse haven

Added value for participants

The pilot was evaluated with the participating parties and the results give sufficient reason to continue this approach. The added value for the terminals is that they can plan longer in advance and less telephone traffic is needed with the agent. This is partly due to the fact that the ETCF90% is used very consciously. For the agent, the added value is less telephone traffic. However, telephone traffic is still necessary to be able to do the work. For Port of Amsterdam, the added value is less over-ordering so that the locks, pilotage and tugs can be used more efficiently. In this way, together we reduce delays in the port.

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Follow up PACT pilot

The next phase is to determine how we can further roll out this working method within the Amsterdam port community and realise the final platform online. As soon as more is known, this will be communicated, for example on MyPort.