Use of spud poles

Are you applying for permission to use spud poles in governmental waters, based on Inland Navigation Police Regulations (BPR art 1.23)? Please complete the form below, at least 4 weeks prior to mooring.

Are you submitting a notification of the use of spud poles in non-governmental waters, based on the Regional Port Bye-laws for the North Sea Canal Area 2019 (RHN 2019)? Please complete the form below, at least 4 working days prior mooring.

Unable to complete the form in time? Then call us on 020 5234 600 (choice 2), and we will look for a solution together. For more information, please read the document Use of spud poles.

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Applicant's details

Application details

Let op: minimaal 3 werkdagen voorafgaand indienen.
Let op: minimaal 4 weken voorafgaand indienen.
For Beverwijk, Velsen and Zaanstad: The written information obtained from the port or municipality concerned. 
Max. 5 mb. PDF file.
Has there been a survey of underground infrastructure (KLIC report)? Upload it here. It should not be older than 7 days.
Max. 5 mb. PDF file.