Van Scherpenzeel's Oliehandel B.V.

This data was last modified in January 2019
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Daltonstraat 39
3846 BX Harderwijk

Van Scherpenzeel's Oliehandel B.V. is a company that sells fuels, oils and shipping articles. Customers include those in professional and recreational crafts, the agricultural sector and the contracting industry. They turn to Van Scherpenzeel's Oliehandel for fuels, lubricants, motor oils, gas cylinders, fuel storage tanks and all kinds of technical supplies, such as electric pumps, fuel hoses and grease nipples. The products are supplied by tank trucks and four bunker vessels. The vessels have a berth in the Port of Amsterdam and offer their services up all the way to the IJsselmeer and beyond.

Van Scherpenzeel's Oliehandel was founded in Harderwijk in the 1940s.