Oudt Zwanenburg Sloopwerken B.V.

This data was last modified in May 2018
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Lijnderdijk 70
1161 KC Zwanenburg

Oudt Zwanenburg Sloopwerken B.V. specializes in demolition works and asbestos removal. To this end, the company is equipped with a variety of specialized machines, to be used by trained personnel. Furthermore, the company has its own drawing and construction department. This allows handling of the entire permit process for its customers. The company is mainly active in the provinces of North and South Holland and Utrecht, although major assignments elsewhere are also possible.

Part of the demolition works is the breaking of concrete and masonry debris into certified granulates, which can be reused as a foundation material on site or elsewhere. Oudt Zwanenburg Sloopwerken carries all necessary certificates for asbestos removal.