OBA Bulk Terminal Amsterdam

This data was last modified in November 2020
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Westhavenweg 70
1042 AL Amsterdam

OBA Group BV runs its dry bulk terminal OBA Bulk Terminal Amsterdam in the Port of Amsterdam. The company is specialized in handling, storage and processing of dry bulk commodities. The annual volume totals approximately 22 million tons of various bulk products, such as coal, agri bulk, minerals and biomass.

The terminal grounds measure around 700,000 square meters. Among other facilities, the area features various cranes, storage sheds and a total of 7 kilometers of belt systems. OBA Group BV offers additional services, such as screening, blending, crushing, weighing, temperature monitoring and sampling of bulk commodities.

The company services customers in a variety of industries, such as coal production, power generation, steel, chemical and animal feedstuff. OBA Group’s terminal started operation in 1954.

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