Natural Powered Speed Products (NPSP)

This data was last modified in January 2020
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Rijnlanderweg 958
2132MP Hoofddorp

Natural Powered Speed Products (NPSP), founded in 1998, is a pioneer in the development and sale of biobased circular materials and products. With clients in construction, design, mobility and industry - such as Dutch Railways – NPSP is one of the leaders in making composite materials more sustainable.

Bio-composites consist of natural fibers such as flax, hemp and cellulose, which give the material strength and stiffness. Bio-circular additives also make the material sound-absorbing, antibacterial, UV-resistant and scratch-resistant.

NPSP has registered the Nabasco brand (Nature Based Composites) for the innovative biobased materials. Different materials are available for different applications.

NPSP realizes surprisingly beautiful solutions for technical issues: aesthetic, technical and sustainable.