Maproloc Systems

This data was last modified in January 2020
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Moezelhavenweg 9
1043 AM Amsterdam

Maproloc Systems is the developer of the cargo picker, the missing link in a fully mechanized unloading process.

This smart tool unpacks containers filled with non-pelletized bags quickly and safely (stripping). Put simply, the cargo picker is a small crane that grabs the bags and places them on a telescope belt via a slide, after which the bag rolls out of the container. With this, four to seven hundred bags per hour can be unloaded from a container.

The heart of the installation is a telescopic arm in combination with a gripper system. The great strength of the cargo picker is that the set-up can be expanded mobile and modular. Other so-called stripping installations are also available, but these are often not movable and only work with switched systems from the relevant supplier.