Kraton Polymers Research B.V. Amsterdam

This data was last modified in May 2018
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Asterweg 19/A1
1031 HL Amsterdam

Kraton is specialist in biobased chemicals and speciality polymers. The company develops, manufactures and markets the products for some 800 customers in over 70 countries around the globe. The products are used in a large variety of markets, such as automotive, medical, coatings, roofing and tires. Polymers are the main ingredient for plastics. Many of Kraton’s bio-chemical products are components of lubricants, base oils and fatty acids.

The US company is one of the world’s main suppliers of products derived from pine wood pulping. A total of roughly two hundred scientists and engineers run eight R&D facilities worldwide. The global R&D budget totaled around 41 million US dollars in 2017.