JPMarine BV

This data was last modified in November 2020
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Baambrugse Zuwe 45
3645 AB Vinkeveen

In 2017, with close to 20 years of experience working for and with the market leaders of the superyacht industry, Jan Pieter Braam founded JPMarine BV. The mission is to take the clients on a wonderful journey towards the best possible result with all of their superyacht new-build and refit aspirations.

Yachting should be fun, exiting, enjoyable, challenging and many more positive things. You do it for the love for the sea and the outdoor living, to create something beautiful, a special project, a dream. But yachting is also an investment, of time, in relationships, in knowledge and technology, and of course of funds.

At JPMarine we use our knowledge, experience and broad network in the industry to close that gap between aspiration and superyacht reality, to give your investment the highest return while enjoying the process. We do so by offering services acting as owner’s representative, project manager and technical adviser for present and prospective superyacht owners and operators. Be it in the phase of design and specification, tendering, new build, warranty, maintenance or refit.

Are you looking for on-site knowledge and broad network to organize and manage the work on your yacht, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.