Inchcape Shipping Services

This data was last modified in December 2018
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Albert Plesmanweg 57
3088 GB Rotterdam

Inchcape offers a variety of services related to port and marine activities. The port agency services include full cargo handling, crew logistics, husbandry, transits, dry docking, bunker calls, protective agency, financial management and outsourced solutions, designed around the needs of its customers. Marine services include global marine travel, delivery of spare parts, equipment and technical support as well as marine inspections. Inchcape also provides its customers with relevant insights through market intelligence, port intelligence and real-time operational data.

The history of Inchcape Shipping Services goes back to 1847, when two Scottish merchants met in Calcutta and formed a general merchanting partnership. Today, Inchcape has around 300 offices in some 70 countries, employing over 3,000 employees.