ICL Fertilizers Europe C.V.

This data was last modified in April 2019
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Fosfaatweg 48
1013 BM Amsterdam

ICL Fertilizers Europe C.V. has a production facility in the Port of Amsterdam. The company manufactures high-quality fertilizer products for the European market. They include more than ninety different products with a granular or powder structure, which farmers use to improve the nutrient medium for their crops. Most of these fertilizers are composed of different minerals and nutrients, brought together in one single granule. The complex process of blending the components and processing into granules takes place at the factory.

In 2019, ICL commissioned an installation with which phosphate-containing residues can be used on a large scale as a source for making phosphate fertilizers. The ambition of ICL is to continue to increase the proportion of phosphates from residual materials over the coming years, so that ICL remains one of the international leaders in the field of phosphate recycling in Amsterdam and ultimately moves towards a full phosphate cycle.
The Amsterdam factory has a large capacity and is easily accessible for sea and inland vessels and for trucks.
The Amsterdam plant has a large capacity and is easily accessible for seagoing and inland vessels and for trucks.