Höegh Autoliners

This data was last modified in April 2019
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Corsicaweg 10
1044AB Amsterdam

Höegh's shipowning history goes back to 1927 and since then the company has been a pioneer in the international shipping industry.

It's vision? To deliver high quality sustainable ocean transportation and innovative logistics services to global customers.

Höegh is not afraid to make courageous decisions or take on difficult challenges. It aims to provide innovative offerings to customers and is continuously seeking new solutions and concepts for the benefit of customers, business, the environment and the global society.

We are a proactive and diverse organisation, receptive to technology and competence demands whilst utilizing our resources through effective collaboration. We are efficient and responsive in our service offerings.

We are committed to deliver the very best service to our customers. We are honest and open and treat our customers and colleagues worldwide with respect. We are consciously challenging ourselves to continually improve.