GPS Amsterdam B.V.

This data was last modified in April 2023
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Oceanenweg 22
1047 BB Amsterdam

GPS Amsterdam is a company operating a Class 1 storage and blending facility for gasoline, gasoline components, and bio fuels with c.300,000m³ gross capacity across 20 storage tanks located in the Port of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This terminal is very flexible. As well as gasoline, gasoline components and bio fuels, it can also handle naphtha, gas oil, heating oil, and/or diesel.

GPS Amsterdam was commissioned for app. 148,500m3 in Q4 of 2011 and app. 134,000m3 in Q4 2019 and has three dedicated jetties with a maximum draft of 14 meters. As of early 2022, the terminal is connected to rail with a rail loading station connected to 3 ethanol tanks with a capacity of 17,000 m3.