European Metal Recyling (EMR) BV

This data was last modified in December 2018
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Amerikahavenweg 3
1045 AA Amsterdam

European Metal Recyling (EMR) is a British company that is active in the recycling of scrap metal. Much of it comes from end-of-life vehicles and consumer products, industry, construction and demolition works. The company processes both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The total annual worldwide production amounts to approximately 10 million tons of recycled materials. They come in over a hundred grades. The materials are of high quality. They are transported by either ship, train or truck to customers all over the world.

European Metal Recyling was founded in the 1940’s. Almost 3,500 employees work at around 150 locations around the world. The Amsterdam site is one of the four locations that the company has in the Netherlands.