DYT Yacht Transport

This data was last modified in June 2019
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Radarweg 36
1042 AA Amsterdam

DYT was founded in 1987. That year the first yacht carrier, Super Servant 6, was launched. With a few technical adjustments this submersible yacht carrier was equipped with side walls made with railway sleepers. These walls allowed for the necessary protection and safety needed to shelter the yachts during transport. The company developed the idea of an on-time transport schedule and took the company to the unique position as the preferred yacht transport provided worldwide.

Today, the foundation for this unique and safe method of shipping dedicated to the transport of yachts can be seen in the modern 658 feet Yacht Express with her high rising side walls.

The mission of DYT Yacht is to serve the global yachting community with safe, reliable, and on-time superyacht transport to the most sought after destinations in the world. Whether it’s the South of France or the hottest sport fishing destinations in the Pacific, DYT is looking to broaden the horizon of yacht transport.