Dimco B.V.

This data was last modified in May 2018
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Burg Peereboom Vollerln 23
2111 TA Aerdenhout

Dimco B.V. is situated in the Port of Amsterdam. The company is a specialist in designing and constructing marine infrastructure. Its projects complement and reinforce the activities of other companies within parent company DEME. Dimco’s activities mainly focus on hydraulic engineering projects within the Benelux region.

Dimco was founded in 2015 as a business entity of the DEME Group. This is an international service provider in the field of dredging, hydraulic engineering, offshoring and environmental projects. The establishment of Dimco allows DEME to offer its engineering projects integrally: from design and procurement to construction and handover. Client organizations deal with just one single entity for their increasingly complex projects.