Crew Carriers

This data was last modified in June 2020
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Evert van de Beekstraat 3
1118 CL Schiphol

Crew Carriers is part of Dutch drivers and has specialized for 5 years in the transport of international ship crews within the Benelux and parts of Germany. The focus is on complete or partial crew change, with Schiphol as the airport of arrival or departure. The drivers know their way to the seaports and pick-up locations along the inland waterways and are familiar with the various requirements of the military police and the seaport police. In addition to this specialization, Crew Carriers also offers cheap transport on request for other passengers with destination Schiphol, but also to and from other places.

The inland transport of ship crew in the Netherlands and Europe is subject to varying rules and laws. Depending on nationality, visa, berth and trade, crew transport can be a time-consuming and expensive affair. Crew Carriers has focused on this, in which it is possible to respond quickly to the dynamics associated with the sector. Based on favorable rates and clear agreements, we are happy to relieve you of your concerns. Your staff is transported on time by professionals with expertise, so you can use the time and resources within your organization more efficiently.