Cementbouw Verheul B.V.

This data was last modified in December 2019
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Amerikahavenweg 10B
1045 AD Amsterdam

Cementbouw Verheul is supplier of products and raw materials for the construction industry, including sand, gravel and cement. The company is also a large producer of concrete mortar. CB Verheul operates one of the eleven concrete factories of the company Cementbouw in the Port of Amsterdam. Moreover, Cementbouw recycles construction debris into secondary raw materials for the asphalt and concrete industries. For most of its products, the company operates its own transport and storage services. They include over three hundred specialty vehicles and vessels as well as numerous silo locations with a total capacity of more than 50,000 cubic meters.

Cementbouw dates back to 1933, when the company was founded as a sand and gravel broker. From 2003, the company has been part of building materials group CRH of Ireland.