Boot-en Stuurlieden CV "De Koperen Ploeg"

This data was last modified in June 2023
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Capriweg 30
1044 AL Amsterdam

Boot- en Stuurlieden CV "De Koperen Ploeg" specializes in the mooring and unmooring of seagoing vessels. The experts also provide marine consultancy and supplementary crew supply. In addition, De Koperen Ploeg offers other services, such as the handling of customs formalities and onboard delivery. For the latter, the organization has a large storage facility, parts of which are suitable for hazardous substances and perishable goods.

The history of Boot- en Stuurlieden CV"De Koperen Ploeg" goes back to 1876, when the North Sea Canal was opened and various boatman services were established to assist with mooring and unmooring. In 1926 these service providers merged into the CV.