Amsterdam Yacht service

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1505HE Zaandam

Twelve metal workers paying a contribution of ten cents a week, a rented plot just north of Amsterdam with a self-built shed made from used corrugated steel, a portable forge and a welding machine. These were the ingredients for the first yard set up by cooperative association Vooruit in 1927. Today, under the name Amsterdam Yacht Service, the yard covers 12,000 square metres of slipways, docks, construction hall and a metal-working shed.

Dream makers

The dream of the original twelve metal workers has come true. Their history started on 23 June 1921 with the establishment of the metal-workers association Vooruit. The members made plans for building their own yard and, to save the necessary funds, they constructed two rowboats which they rented out while also making small repairs. The money earned was spent on advertising in weekly magazines to bring in new orders.


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