AF-X Fire Solutions

This data was last modified in January 2020
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Grasweg 49
1031 HX Amsterdam

AF-X Fire Solutions - AF-X stands for Aerosol Firefighting Extinguishing - is a subsidiary of the globally operating Af-X Systems. Within this group, AF-X Fire Solutions acts as the distributor of the Af-X Fireblocker fire protection, an environmentally friendly fire extinguishing system based on aerosol technology and produced in the Netherlands.

How does that work? An aerosol is a colloidal mixture of dust particles or liquid droplets in a gas. Examples are clouds and fog, because drops of water in the sky. A once (electrically) activated, dry aerosol fire extinguishing system converts a dry extinguishing agent into a cloud of nano particles. These particles block the fire reaction, after which the fire immediately stops. In addition, very little extinguishing agent is required and the AF-X Fireblocker extinguishes without water, so there’s hardly any extinguishing and consequential damage.