Verenigd Cargadoorskantoor BV (VCK Group)

This data was last modified in February 2019
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Valreep 13
1042 AN Amsterdam

VCK Group is the holding company of Verenigd Cargadoorskantoor (VCK). The business has two divisions: VCK Logistics and VCK Travel. The former specializes in logistics for air and ocean freight, transshipment, distribution and warehousing. The Travel division is specialist in business travel, marine travel, government travel, corporate events and cruises. In addition, VCK Holding operates the Scania Terminal and the Waterland Terminal, the latter having All-Weather storage and transshipment facilities.

Verenigd Cargadoorskantoor was established in 1915. That year, two local companies decided to merge their shipping agent operations. Later the activities expanded to include expediting and ship loading and unloading. The company puts high value on continuity and long-term focus. Customer centricity, knowledge sharing and innovation are keywords here.