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Online portal for shipping clients doing business faster and smarter 24/7 

In MyPort you will find (eventually all) online services and tools for shipping clients to do business in the Amsterdam port. Such as the much used Arrivals (arrival and departure tool for ships) and the Lock Schedule (up-to-date lock planning).  

Conveniently, in MyPort all services are in one central location. Some tools are accessible to everyone. For other tools you need an account. Even better, your MyPort account has been made suitable for single sign on. This way you only have to log in once to use different services. 

Demo & Questions

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Free for all

  • Arrivals 
    In de webapp Arrivals vind je ter indicatie informatie over alle scheepsbewegingen in de Amsterdamse haven. Arrivals heeft diverse filteropties en je kunt switchen tussen lijst- en kaartweergave. 
  • HAP Vessels
    Zeeschepen zijn verplicht om een afvalheffing te betalen voor het innemen en verwerken van scheepsafval. Aangekomen zeeschepen die vallen onder het HavenAfvalPlan (HAP) vind je in de HAP schepenlijst. 
  • Portle 
    Portle is jouw bedrijvengids voor zakendoen in de Amsterdamse haven. Met een handige indeling en zoekfunctie vind je snel relevante bedrijven. Bedrijven staan hierin vermeld met een omschrijving en hun contactgegevens.   
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Account needed

  • Lock Schedule
    With the Lock Schedule you can consult the current schedule of pilots and tugboats in IJmuiden, the Noordersluis and Amsterdam. 
  • Applications
    You can submit all applications for permits and/or exemptions and reports via Applications. Applications is linked to the HAMIS system. Your forms are then already filled in with the data we know about your journey. For example, visit number, ship's name, berth and IMO number. You can also view the status of your requests and reports yourself. This makes your work easier and faster. 
  • PACT 
    PACT stands for Port of Amsterdam Collaboration Tool. By sharing data, you can work smarter and increase the predictability of your services. 
  • Opgave Binnenhavengeld 
    When you visit the Amsterdam port water, you have to submit your inland harbour dues statements, just like in other ports. This is your entrance ticket to the port area. On MyPort you can log in directly to submit your IHD statement.